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Please read before you ask


Paypal Commissions - open (two slots only for now, sorry) > Information and prices

Please read my commission information before you decide to note me for one. And if you noted me already but aren´t interested anymore please let me know still, so someone else can take the slot. Thank you.
If you´re reading this and you don´t have an account on here, but are still interested in a commission, you can send me an e-mail here ->


Point Commissions - never

Requests - NEVER

Art Trades - closed

Gifts - friends only

Collabs - never

Also please don´t invite me in your contests or unpaid projects, I don´t have time for that.

The most important stuff about me

I always try to be clear on everything important without writing too much, so I´m always rewriting a lot, sorry.. welp


What kind of person are you
I am
- fun to talk to once you actually know me :3
- often suspicious towards strangers
- a person who has different opinions and viewpoints on a lot of stuff, you could say I´m not a 'sheep' person who wants to 'fit in' society
- a honest and direct person
- an extremely anxious person irl actually
- calm and not very talkactive
- a very thoughtful and pessimistic person
- perfectionistic, I set high standards to myself when I have to do work
- I absolutely hate injustice, false assumptions and people who try to create drama by spreading lies

Why are you quiet/don´t reply to most comments?
It´s simple: After being 10 years on DA a lot has changed for me. I got older therefore I have more stuff to do irl plus I feel a little bit exhausted to reply the same thing to every "this is so cute" comment again and again, you will understand once you´ve been here for 10 years as well. Another thing is that I´m not very talkactive unless I know you. I am willing to reply to more unique comments though as long as it´s not a question that is already answered on my profile.

I don´t like your personality, you should change
How about no. If you got a problem with me, it´s your problem and not mine. I don´t change myself, my viewpoints or anything about my art just because some random person on the internet, who actually knows nothing about me, feels offended/triggered/whatever.


What tools do you use?
Pc and sometimes my phone
Program: Firealpaca/medibang paint for drawing, After effects/photoshop for animation
Canvas size: starting at 2500pixels
Brushes: simple pen tool, watercolor brush

I want to see your nsfw art
Note me, if you´re open minded enough ;3

Who are your favourite artists?
Kicktyan and Kishibe, especially kishibe´s work has been an inspiration to me a lot since a bunch of years. They are both mainly ecchi/hentai artists and active on twitter, so I´d suggest only visiting them if you´re familiar with this content.

Do you have a patreon?
I actually do, but I decided not to use it for a couple of reasons. For me it feels wrong to hide pictures behind paywalls and forcing others to pay to see content. It also creates huge pressure to create art only available on there, which completely ruins the fun of drawing for me.

Draw more fanart plz
Since I need money for my daily bills and some doctor visits, I spend almost all my energy and time on commissions, so there is barely any time left for fanart, however if I happen to get more donations on my ko-fi I can take on less commissions and produce more fanart again instead.

This game thooo <3 right in the childhood XD

a lil box to make me smile each time I go to my profile~

Coffee? hell yes! ♥

If you like my art and want to give me a bit of support, so I can keep my motivation for drawing and create more fanart, please consider buying me a coffee <3

Name of Image

If you buy me 7 coffees you´ll get a clean bw sketch from me, I don´t offer bw sketches as commissions normally, so this is the only way to get one ♥

Thank you for your support in advance <3


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Wario94 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Hello, my name is Wario94 and let me tell you something: Looks like one of your drawings ( was taken and edited by this guy named :iconsonicx804:sonicx804 without credited you.
It looked something like this:
(2 Replies)
KAYONZ Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  New Deviant
Hello! I like your draws! I have an YouTube chanel and i need some ilustrations. You think can help me with that?
WerewolfConfess Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017
Amazing gallery and your chibis are so freaking cute. :)
GreninjaFanGirl Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you free for commissions?
Yuki-mitsu Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Irgendwie hab ich so ein Gefühl, dass ich hier voll vieles verpasst habe, kann das sein..? xDD
Btw. wirst du dir eigentlich die Nintendo Switch holen? :3
(1 Reply)
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